Restore Inc.


About Us



RESTORE is a diverse program that involves offenders through incentives and sanctions. Offenders are held accountable and responsible through their involvement with and service to the community. The willingness of the community to work with RESTORE and the low-risk misdemeanor offenders allows the organization to continue to provide alternatives to incarceration. Whether offenders are completing community service or complying with court-ordered treatment, RESTORE is there to ensure successful completion. Our organization wants to see offenders succeed and lead productive lives, not re-enter the system to become repeat offenders.



RESTORE (Responsibly Enforced Sanctions Through Offender Required Employment) is a non-profit Community Corrections Program that was established in 1992 to monitor community service sentences for the ND Dept. of Corrections Division of Parole and Probation. Individuals on supervised probation who were unable to pay mandatory fees were allowed to complete community service in lieu of paying those fees. RESTORE has expanded its programming to include evaluation monitoring and a theft class for first time juvenile offenders.



    Holds offenders accountable for their crimes
    Reserves jail space for violent offenders
    Provides the community with labor and involves them in the justice system
    Ensures compliance and follow through with court-ordered treatment
    Provides awareness to the offender and the community regarding the justice system