Restore Inc.




TAP Seminar (Theft Awareness and Prevention)

Designed to raise awareness and assist in the reduction of theft-related offenses committed by first time offenders under age 18.


Community Service

RESTORE (Responsibly Enforced Sanctions Through Offender Required Employment) is a non-profit Community Corrections Program that was established in 1992 to monitor community service sentences for the ND Dept. of Corrections Division of Parole and Probation. Individuals on supervised probation who were unable to pay mandatory fees were allowed to complete community service in lieu of paying those fees. RESTORE receives referrals from Municipal, District and Juvenile Court for the work program. The community service program holds the offender accountable for the crimes they have committed by placing them in unpaid positions to serve a specific number of hours to pay back their debt to society. RESTORE has over 45 non-profit work sites and attempts to match the skills and needs of the offender with the needs of the site. This program provides the community with labor and involves the community in the justice system.


Evaluation Monitoring Program

Assists the courts in the administration of justice by coordinating the performance of court ordered domestic violence inventories and assessments, VIP, DUI Seminars, chemical dependency/psychological/gambling evaluations and treatment follow through.


* RESTORE does not conduct evaluations. Provider lists are given at the time of intake.
* RESTORE monitors the probationary period to ensure completion of the court order only.